Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Loading Up & Heading Out!!!

This weekend DD and my nephew Lil Cowboy are both rodeo'n so we have decided to take the store mobile!! So we will be in the small town of Kingman KS hoping to sell lots of goodies!!!! We've gotten some awesome new merchandise in this week, what doesn't sell I will post next week!! It's going to be a cold one, but we'll get through it....Right?!?!

This is how we set up outside for a small rodeo over the summer! But this time we are taking the racks and everything Ha that should be fun!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Excited & Frustrated at the same time?!?!

The clothing line that we currently carry in our store is Cowgirl Tuff Co. Well the way our system works is we order pretty far in advance to get our merchandise on a seasonal basis...Well we have a line that is called our "Signature Line" and it is all handmade clothing and it's great stuff, these orders I place and they should come in 6-8 weeks. Well I placed my order for the Signature Line back in the first week of November and they tell me it should finally ship today!!

Now the bad news...About mid September I ordered a full jean line and I have been SO excited to get them! And after waiting all of this time I finally inquired about first of November and they said I would have it by the end of the month. Well I was really wanting that shipment for the Grand Opening and no luck with that... So here it is on the 3rd of December and I contact them today and they tell me we are looking at at least 2 more weeks!!! Apparently my shipment got caught in "bad weather" so that is the cause of the delay now....Well that puts me right at Christmas and I won't have them to sell for Christmas!!! OHHH I am so frustrated about this!! Hopefully it will come sooner! I will cross all of my fingers and toes and say some prayers about this!!!