Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally Got Them!!!!

So I know everyone has been waiting for quite some time for us to get this store open so you all can see what we have!!! We have been working on it, but had been hitting some walls...We really wanted to offer more than one clothing line, we already have Cowgirl Tuff Co. (which is my favorite clothing line)!!! But we wanted another good quality line, so I have been fighting for about 2 months to close this account and finally yesterday VICTORY!!!!! What is the line you ask?!?!.....It is Miss Me!!! I sure hope you are all familiar with Miss Me because I mean to tell you these are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned!!! And I do own a lot of them LOL!!! Now it will be quite an ordeal to get an order placed so we will have to open without having the actual merchandise for Miss Me, but we at least have our Cowgirl Tuff line!!!

Thank you all for your patience...